Here’s Jimmy Carr from the now infamous 2009 Royal Variety Performance.

All was going well for the dead-eyed monotone gag-smith, and Prince Philip was seen to be in rapturous laughter at his jokes about the disabled and ethnic minorities.

Unfortunately the air was turned sour, when his manservant quietly informed him that Mr. Carr’s comedy output was ‘ironic’, and that even though his act seemed to be identical to Jim Davidson’s, he was in fact the host of one of those late night political satire shows on Channel Four.

Obviously disgusted at being made to look a fool by a lefty, he hurled his swan and guinea fowl kebab straight at the honking head of his outrage. Mr. Carr was later beheaded, stuffed and hung proudly on the wall next to a tastefully mounted panda cub head in the Duke’s private collection.